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Surrey Township

Clare County Michigan

Surrey Township Zoning and Planning

Planning Commission

(989) 588-6691 ext. 101

Mahlon Parsons - Chairperson

Kathy Jankowski - Vice Chairperson

Doug Anger - Secretary

Kay Williams

Tony Butera

Carol Dixon

Jamie Conley

Dixie Adams, Alternate

Board of Review

(989) 588-6691 ext. 101

Dave Williams

Nancy Jones

Jamie Conley

Kevin Berk, Alternate

Zoning Administrator

Rod Williams - (989) 588-6691 ext. 106

Zoning Board of Appeals

(989) 588-6691 ext. 101

Alan Shoe - Chairperson

John Parker - Vice Chairperson

Debra Jones - Secretary

Doug Anger

Tom Brewer

Jesse Sholes, Alternate